We connect people and practice for transformation.

about shift strategies

We are a management consulting practice that uses a proprietary and comprehensive model to deliver strategy and planning, culture and mentoring, and sustainable practices.

We work with people engaged in local business, non-profit organizations and government. We also mentor individuals of all ages.

Our model integrates your life, work and community engagement.

We are open-minded change managers.

we are catalysts
for change

what makes us unique

The Shift Model offers a unique approach to planning and mentoring.

  • results

  • process

  • vision

  • culture

  • Process answers the question:
    It defines how you operate your career, or the product/service delivered through procedures, practices and systems.


  • Vision answers the question:
    It defines strategy, beliefs, purpose, message and planning. Vision is the beginning.


  • Results answers the question:
    It defines impact, performance and outcomes.

  • Culture answers the question:
    It defines strengths, roles and responsibilities, values and the people who support and make the vision a reality.


Growth and change are a constant reality. The model is designed as a calibration tool to support your continued evolution. The model helps you develop sustainable practices.

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Driven by connection.

what we do

Facilitation and project management are foundational to everything we do. Managing people and process is second nature to us. We provide guidance, clarity and direction as you move forward. We train you to operate more effectively. We transfer knowledge and skills, so you can sustain your work.

It all begins by establishing a relationship, so we can understand what you want to accomplish. We then customize our services based on your specific needs. Our services are strategy and planning, culture and mentoring and sustainable practices.

We are skilled in these competency areas: strategic direction, organizational development, and change management. We also have deep experience and interest in homeless programs and housing, local economies and sustainability.

We believe strategies need to shift in our work, lives and communities. The same old way of doing things just isn’t working…it’s obvious. We consider ourselves a sounding board for individuals with new ideas. We love new ideas, especially those that create change. We connect people with resources to take new ideas from generation to fruition.

we push your edges without
pushing you over the edge


strategy & planning

Our strategic plans aren’t dust collectors. Our plans provide a roadmap to guide decision-making as change inevitably occurs. We provide quarterly reviews and annual plan updates to ensure a living document that evolves as you do.

culture & mentoring

We believe what gets lost in the day to day is the people connection. We deliver group facilitation to address team dynamics, resolve past and current issues, define current state and manage transitions.

sustainable practices

We work with people to create strategies that support ecological regeneration, economic prosperity and social justice in their personal lives, business and organizations. We believe sustainability emanates from behavioral change


We help you shift.

who we are

beth geagan
management consultant

Beth has more than 30 years of leadership and management experience, and is the principal and founder of Shift Strategies, formerly Balance Business, founded in 2003. She specializes in strategy and planning, change management, facilitation, and sustainability.

zoe davis
project coordinator

Zoe comes to us from the public sector as a planner and more recently she challenged herself to look outside of what she studied during college. This led her on a journey to explore her commitment to small, local businesses within her community.

becky morgan

Becky gets to know her students well and has 19 years of experience building relationships with children in the classroom and outdoors. As a skilled and seasoned educator, she provides mentoring services and performs research for Shift Strategies.

we are practicing and
transforming, too

shift strategy's story
-beth geagan

I started Balance Business in 2003 with the goal to create as many sustainable organizations as possible by implementing a different business model. This means a more humane approach to business that aligns vision and strategy by engaging people and their creativity in the process and driving results that not only measure economic viability, but also measure other important outcomes like employee value, customer satisfaction, environmental impact, community values, etc.

My awareness of the need to do business differently has existed on some level since I began my professional career more than 30 years ago. I have always questioned the necessity and effectiveness of some business practices. In early 2000, I began to explore the disconnect that existed between my personal beliefs and values, and the daily work I performed. This realization motivated me to search traditional and non-traditional sources for alternative models that honored personal expression and creativity in the workplace. It was the beginning of my search for “balance”.

It was just after the tech bust in the ‘90’s and revelation of corporate financial scandals in several major U.S. corporations. I began to more fully understand that most of the focus in business is on short-term profitability rooted in the idea that financial wealth is ultimately the most important and sometimes only outcome. Operating with this results oriented strategy engenders the development of products, services, ideas, plans and manufactured financial information that serves an end goal which is not sustainable for people, the planet or ironically… profit.

In the summer of 2002, after spending 15 years working in corporate America, I moved to Boise, Idaho. The transition afforded me the opportunity to take a year off and reflect about my personal and professional life, and community engagement. During that year I continued to work with the idea of connection, organizational change and integration in business. I kept coming back to the idea that while profit is important for business, who and what drives results is more important. When you start with vision and strategy, then consider the culture and creativity of the people who embrace your vision and will implement the processes to deliver your product or service, and finally measure outcomes, you simply drive different results. It is as true for our personal lives and community engagement as it is for business.

As evolution would have it, the work we do through Balance Business outgrew its container and a shift took place in 2014. We are now Shift Strategies. Shift more clearly defines our work of strategy and planning, culture and mentoring, as well as our belief and commitment to change ways that are outmoded. Our model remains the same, but our focus is more refined. This new container and phased approach is designed to expand our work by creating opportunities for people to gather, learn, share and innovate while honoring the inherent connection and authenticity in all of us.

we believe story
is sacred

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"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein